Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yesterday was a good reminder that metcons, hard metcons, are the secret to being a good crossfitter. Although I've really had a more broad view of fitness lately- in that I want to do more of what I like and worry a little less about being an "elite" crossfitter, I still think that metabolic conditioning makes you better. And that's what I want to be. Better. Even if I never do a legit squat snatch...

With that being said, sometimes I still need a little motivation, and competing definitely helps. This commercial definitely gets my competition-blood pumping.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Cleaning

Thursday last week was a big day for me with two PRs. First, 50 burpees in 1:53. I was pretty happy about this. I went unbroken and just held steady the whole way through. High rep numbers are always a challenge for me, and the mental hurdle always seems high. Second, and even more exciting to me- I finally cleaned 300 pounds! And a full squat clean at that. This was too cool. My form, now that I look at it, is pretty ugly, so I know I have room to improve.

First, a failure:

The full clean:

Now if I can only bring that jerk up. My goal is 275 pounds. We'll see!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rest day

Sometimes you just have to take an unplanned rest day. That day was today for me. I wasn't busy, I wasn't too sore, I just wasn't really feeling it. At this point, when I'm in a building stage, I don't think that's a bad thing, but to be honest I'm never short on rest days...

What I do need to focus on is hitting each and every WOD with intensity. Maybe it's a little burnout, maybe it's a matter of me not really working out with classes anymore, but something has changed. I need to once again find that level of bad that all crossfitters know but few actually get to.

I should be flat on my back at the end of every WOD.

Let's make it happen.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

busy busy

Workouts have been semi put on hold for the last week because of way too much other stuff going on, but I've been able to get in a little. Upping the volume a little whenever I can/have time.

21 ring dips
7 hang power clean (185#)
rest 2 minutes
4 rounds

time: around 10:13 without subtracting the 6 minutes of rest

then 4x5 Bench press- not too heavy- 185, 205, 225 fail, 205

Then a little toes to bar, pushups circuit, untimed. It went a little like this..

20 toes to bar
10 wide hands pushups, 10 narrow hands, 10 divebomber
16 toes to bar
8 wide, 8 narrow, 8 dive bomber
12 toes to bar
6 wide, 6 narrow, 6 divebomber...

and that's when Will left and I lost motivation.. next time the step down will be finished. Even with only three sets I was totally wrecked. Here's some push up examples, including the dive bomber, courtesy of SealFit.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Schmaturday

After an unintentional two-day break, Charlie and I hit a little workout after the 8AM game day workout.

First I did a 2000m row, easy 2:00 pace

then for time:

21-15-9: pull ups, decline sit ups, 115# front squat then 100 pushups

I think the 21-15-9 was over at 6:58 and then the 100 pushups at 13:26. Six and a half minutes for 100 pushups?? Yikes... Oh well, I really approached it like two different workouts, one timed, one untimed.

Sometimes it feels good to stay with a familiar rep scheme; 21-15-9 just feels like home in CrossFit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

For The Widows in Paradise, For The Fatherless in Ypsilanti

In honor of his new album, I thought I would post one of my favorite Sufjan Stevens songs. Not exactly a crossfit jam, but I dig it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No more squats

Today's work:

21-15-9: strict pullups, pushups, squats. Untimed, not fast

15 minute AMRAP 10 DB HSC, 20 DU, 10 Pushups- 7 rounds finished

200m run, rest 1 minute, 200m run with 20# vest, rest 1 minute: 5 rounds, fastish but not really timed

2 sets of: 8 narrow pushups, 8 wide pushups, 8 dive bombers

I don't enjoy dumbbell squat cleans, so this was a good wod for me to force myself to power through. Actually trying (and failing) to keep up with Will kind of forced me against my to power through it...